Charity Meter

Charity Meter

Charity Meter is an Open Social gadget that shows your friends the causes you care about and invites them to do the same.

Charity Meter can be installed on Hyves, Orkut, MySpace and Facebook.

Installation instructions

In theory this application can be installed on any network that supports the Open Social 0.7 API and allows you to add an application by URL. One of the networks that allows this is Ning.


For Ning networks (like you go to "My Page", "Add application" and then "Add by URL" in the left column. The URL you need is:
For an example what it looks like on Ning have a look at my socialactions profile page.


The application has been approved to the Orkut Application Library so you can add the appilcation directly to your profile by following this link.


The facebook version of this app can be found here:
We are still working on adding your donations to the activity feed.


The app was succesfully tested on MySpace and has been approved to the application directory. It can be found at:

We are still testing and submitting the app to Hyves and Hi5.


This project is open source. Source code can be found here. It is released under the BSD license.