Micro-lending widget

Micro-lending widget

"The basic premise of this idea is to throw convention on its head (because I like to be different). Instead of using the Social Actions API to draw people TO my site, this widget would send them AWAY. This widget would need to be embed-able on Lend4Health (currently on Blogger, shorter term Word Press, longer term unknown). The text at the top of the box would say, "Like microlending? Here are some other ways to take action." And then below that, the widget would pull from the Social Actions API three (3) opportunities categorized as microlending (eg, from Kiva, Wokai). It would FILTER OUT the Lend4Health opportunities. The bottom text (small print) would read, "These sites are not affiliated with Lend4Health." I also would like it to say "Powered by Social Actions" somewhere if possible (with the logo). This widget will be placed on the "landing page" (currently non-existant) where Lend4Health lenders will be taken AFTER they make a loan. So we are referring them to Kiva after they have already made a loan on Lend4Health (so we don't lose, but Kiva can win). I believe widgets and efforts like this will help to break down some of the barriers between the Social Actions platforms and show some of the "giants" that collaboration is possible, and not always resource-intensive. Of course, Kiva and Wokai (and any others out there) are welcome to return the favor by placing a similar widget on their after-lending landing pages."

Tori Tuncan, Lend4Health

Installation instructions

If you want to include this widget on your site place this code on your site:

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://charitymeter.Goyamotion.nl/js/sa.js"></script><div id="saWidget">
<script type="text/javascript">callSa('action_types=7&limit=3&sites=599250674,200707722','120');</script></div>

This is the configuration  for showing only micro-lending results that are not from Lend4Health. If you would like to use the widget for showing different results that is totally possible by changing the first parameter of the callSa function. This parameter supports all the variables that are supported by the Social Actions API. The second parameter of the callSa method allows you to trim the description field. If set to 0 it will not show the description at all.


This project is open source. Source code can be found here. It is released under the BSD license.


Like microlending? Here are some other ways to take action:

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